The key to living a stress-free, happy and fulfilling life lies in your willingness to let go of anyone or anything that may prevent you from becoming enlightened by the spiritual power of zen.

The Japanese kanji design for the "Zen" character consists of 17 strokes that make up six elements The first element represents the number 10. The second element a field. The third element the spirit. The fourth element the dot. The fifth element speech. The final element represents a right open box.

The practice of zen meditation belongs to a school within Mahayana Buddhism. The word "zen" is derived from the Sanskrit word “dhyana,” which refers to absorption in the context of a meditative state. The word "zen" comes from the Japanese pronunciation of dzyen.

We recommend that you choose a green frame for your kanji calligraphy brush painting for the word "Zen." Green is the color that is associated with birth, growth, restoration and energy. Although it is an energizing color, it is also a calming one because it creates a sense of balance and harmony in our hearts and minds. 

Whether you choose to put up one original kanji brush painting or to create a sanctuary for meditation using several hand-crafted Shodo pieces, you will feel the beauty of the warm spiritual power that Zen Buddhism can bring to your home or office.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: Green

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