May every door open upon a warm and inviting room with shouts of "Welcome!"

The kanji word for "Welcome," or kangei, is a two-part character.  The first element suggests something we see, observe or view. The second element is the welcome we give those people we receive into our homes or places of business. In Japanese kan means delight or joy, where as gei refers to a welcome you give someone whom you meet or greet.

We suggest that you choose a pink frame for this original Japanese brush painting created by a master calligrapher. Pink is a fresh color that implies joyful and happy feelings. It is also a sensitive color that works well with the spiritual teachings of Zen Buddhism.

When you fill a room with the spiritual power of  hand-crafted Shodo paintings of the kanji designs of one or more of these Japanese characters, you will feel the beauty and power of zen transform the room into a relaxing haven.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: Pink

$ 184.99     (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
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