Embrace the cultural symbol of the samurai because it embodies the ideal values to which the Japanese people believe we should all aspire.

The kanji design for the "Samurai" is comprised of three elements. The element for the ground and the elements for an influential person and measurement. These elements combine to represents a man of status who devotes his work to a higher ranking person.

During the Middle Ages, a samurai was a member of an elite social class. They were considered aristocrats. Many samurai preferred to refer to themselves as Bushi rather than samurai. Since they followed the Bushido code, the name stressed the importance of the code they followed, not the elite class to which they belonged.

We recommend that you choose a green frame for your hand-crafted "Samurai" kanji brush painting. The beauty of a green frame will help you connect your Japanese calligraphy print with the spiritual power of zen. 

The presence of the "Samurai" Shodo alone or in combination with other kanji paintings will infuse your home with the power of samurai values and help you understand that there is more to the Zen Buddhism than spiritual warmth and inner peace.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: Green

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