A life lived in the pursuit of righteousness is a life lived as a champion for justice.

The Japanese Shodo painting for the kanji design for "Righteousness," or seigi, consists of two parts. The top of the character is made up of only a few strokes and remains simple and open in design. The bottom of the character is angular and complex, creating almost a weave of lines. The juxtaposition of these two very different designs suggests freedom versus confinement, much as righteousness means to fight for freedom or justice.

The Japanese kanji for "Righteousness" is used in many contexts, all of which revolve around justice and fairness. Righteousness suggests that we not prejudge people, and that we open ourselves to seeing everyone as individuals. It is also one of the seven heavenly virtues.

For this Japanese brush painting by a master calligrapher we recommend that you choose a white frame. White is a color that will go with any decor and will also allow the beauty of the original calligraphy to shine.

This Japanese painting will fill your home or office and your heart with the spiritual power of Zen Buddhism. Combine the "Righteousness" character with others Japanese kanji and you'll open yourself up to the experience of the seven heavenly virtues.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: White

$ 184.99     (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
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