Good Fortune

Good Fortune

A wise person doesn’t judge their good fortune solely on the basis of their personal wealth, prosperity, or the abundance of their material possessions.

The Japanese brush painting for the kanji design of the phrase "Good Fortune" consists of 14 strokes that make up the four elements from which the character is derived. The first component represents the element for the number one. The next element consists of the symbol for mouth. The third element represents a field or rice paddy. The final element represents spirit.

The meaning of the kanji character for "Good Fortune" comes from the two shapes created by the combination of the four elements: the shape of a table and the shape of a barrel. These are supposed to represent an offering to God as a tribute.

We suggest that you choose a white frame for the calligraphy brush painting for the "Good Fortune" kanji. White represents purity and innocence. On a psychological level, white is connected with new beginnings, and clean slates. It exemplifies a sense of calm, comfort, encouragement and hope.

When you decide to display one or more Shodo art pieces of kanji designs in your home or office, you are using the beauty of original Japanese art to tap into the spiritual power of Zen Buddhism and the good fortune that comes from feeling like your home or office is a peaceful oasis.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: White

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