The kanji symbol for "Freedom," translated as Jiyu or Jiyuu, expresses the Chinese and Japanese concept of freedom. The combination of the two characters describes the essence of human freedom and is used as the prefix or suffix in words or expressions like free will, freedom fighter, religious freedom, civil liberties, and free trade.

The first character, Ji, refers to self, oneself or one’s own. The second character, yu, (also written as yuu) expresses the cause or reason for a phenomenon.

We recommend that you choose a rosewood frame for this Japanese brush painting of the kanji design for "Freedom."

A wall of original Japanese calligraphy art will create an atmosphere in which the spiritual beauty of Zen Buddhism permeates your home or office.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: Rosewood

$ 184.99     (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
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