Look into the sky on a clear night and see the brightness of the twinkling stars.

The kanji design for the word "Brightness" consists of four elements created by 15 strokes. The first element represents a car or a cart. The next element is the legs. The third component of the kanji is the W shaped crown element. The last element is for small or insignificant.

The word "Brightness" has many meanings. In the context of this kanji, it refers to brilliance, radiance, gleaming, shining, sparkling or twinkling. Think of the pulsing light that bright stars exude in the night sky, creating the twinkling effect. The visual impact of anything that glitters or sparkles is powerful and lift spirits.

We recommend that you choose a natural wood frame for the Japanese brush painting of the "Brightness" kanji. Wood has a natural earthiness that is visible in the variations of different wood grains. It also has a subtleness that allows it to work well with any decorating style. Most of all, natural wood has its own glow that amplifies the shine of the "Brightness" kanji. 

The presence of any original Japanese calligraphy paintings on a wall or throughout your home or office will help you capture the beauty and spiritual power of zen, transforming your home or office into an amazing private oasis.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: Wood

$ 184.99     (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
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