To be brave is to be courageous and heroic even when no one is watching.

The Japanese kanji design for "Bravery" consists of a single character of nine strokes, including the element for power. The symbol is typically used as either the prefix or suffix to other kanji in order to describe different manifestations of bravery. Depending on the other symbols it is in conjunction with, the "Bravery" kanji can emphasize different traits; bravery in the context of courage and heroism, bravery in relation to valor and bravery as it relates to nerve or boldness.

We suggest an ebony frame for this hand-crafted Japanese brush painting created by a master calligrapher. Ebony is a dark and bold wood-tone color, appropriate for the weight and power of the kanji symbol for "Bravery." An ebony frame suits the kanji symbol and also works well with a variety of interior decor, whether you have a traditional, contemporary, transitional or modern home.

A single brush painting can certainly capture the beauty of Japanese calligraphy, but when you fill a room or wall with hand-crafted Shodo paintings, you harness the true spiritual power of Zen Buddhism and spread the tranquility of this meditative art throughout your home or office.

Size: 10.8 x 11.6 inches (Framed) 

Recommended Frame: Ebony

$ 184.99     (SHIPPING INCLUDED)
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