Meet The Artist

Master Keisui was born in Tokyo in 1948. He has been teaching hard brush calligraphy and ink brush calligraphy for over 40 years. “I put my soul into each artwork, ” says Master Keisui Suzuki. The artwork is an embodiment of his soul. The gestural brushstrokes of each character capture a moment in a time, born of millennia of Japanese tradition and training. 

  • Professional instructor of Japanese calligraphy teaching 100,000 students each year.
  • Specializes in soft brush, hard brush, and ballpoint pen.
  • Chairperson of Keiyu-Shodo-kai, the Keiyu Calligraphic Association.
  • Instructor, Japan Calligraphic Association.
  • Chief Instructor of calligraphy courses at U-CAN.
  • Judge of Tokyo Hard brush calligraphy and Ink Brush calligraphy examination supported by The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
  • Deputy Director at Japan Calligraphic Culture Association
  • Included in over ten publications.
  • Featured in over five teaching online seminars.
  • Chief editor of five magazines on calligraphy.