About Us

About Sumigraphy
Sumigraphy is a premium made-to-order custom piece of art, created on demand by a master Japanese calligrapher. Each piece is made by hand and is not a print or a photograph. Once the client selects a specific Kanji character, our calligrapher in Japan will create the work of art. Once completed, we mount it with the client’s selected frame and ship it. The entire process takes about 2 weeks. 


About U-CAN Americas
Our Mission

“To aid you on your journey toward obtaining new knowledge Anytime, Anywhere, for Anyone”

U-CAN Americas is a branch of U-CAN. Inc, in Japan. Our parent company was founded in Japan over sixty years ago, in 1954 by Minoru Shinagawa to foster the appreciation and participation of traditional Japan arts. Our founder, Minoru Shinagawa, believed in sustaining the traditional Japanese arts by creating educational opportunities for anyone to learn them. Our American division, U-CAN Americas, was launched in 2014 to serve the mission of bringing our beautiful traditions to the US market. Our products and services, for example, support both learning these venerated crafts by hand and purchasing finished items for home and corporate design.


About the Japan Calligraphy Association, Nihon Shodou Kyoukai
The Japan Calligraphy Association, founded in 1973, has developed a curriculum for the self-study of the traditional arts of Japanese Calligraphy. We draw on the classics and our philosophy is to support anyone’s journey in learning and improving their technique.


Business Name:  U-CAN Americas, Inc.

Business Address:  25 Metro Drive, Suite 525, San Jose, California 95110

Email: contactus@u-canamericas.com