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Sumigraphy - About Japanese Calligraphy

Calligrapher Profile: Keisui Suzuki
鈴木啓水(すずき けいすい) プロフィール

Master Keisui was born in Tokyo in 1948. He has been teaching hard brush calligraphy and ink brush calligraphy for over 40 years. The gestural brushstrokes of each character capture a moment in a time, born of millennia of Japanese tradition and training.  “I put my soul into each artwork, ” says Master Suzuki, who has been teaching over 100,000 students every year his soft and hard brush techniques. In addition to being a widely published writer and editor on Japanese calligraphy, he is also the chairperson of Keiyu-Shodo-kai, the Keiyu Calligraphic Association, the deputy director of the Japan Calligraphic Culture Association, and a judge of the Tokyo Hard brush calligraphy and Ink Brush calligraphy examination supported by The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.


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The calligrapher's art set contains four main tools. The ink stick, sumi, is a stick of specially treated handmade material (soot, glue) that is combined with water and ground on the ink stone, suzuri, to produce luminous black ink. The fresh ground ink has many properties that make it superior for this art from than the modern bottled ink.  The calligraphy brush, fude, is composed of two layers of hair and should be sharp, resilient and respond quickly to the artist's touch. The rice paper, washi, that we use for Sumigraphy™ is handmade and laminated to a hard board backing and edged with a strip of gold paper. Once the artist is satisfied with his work, he carefully stamps the work with his personal seal, called a "hanko", in traditional red ink. See how Master Keisui uses these tools to create Sumigraphy™.
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